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DAVELCO is a family company, born in 1992 with a large background of experience in these more than 20 years providing ancillary services for construction and civil works.


In it’s beginnings the activities carried out by the company were renting and selling tools and machinery for construction, industry, civil Works and infrastructures, specializing on machinery rent in 2002 due to the foundation of Aldaco 2002,S.L. another Company of Grupo Avance, were all the selling business was focused.

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In DAVELCO, our human wealth both on management and staff has allowed the Company to develop a personalised and quality service, offering fast and efficient solutions to the troubles of our customers in the development of their projects, providing the most suitable machinery and equipment to their needs as well as machinery repairs.

We have a wide range of machinery (compact excavators, dumpers, air compressors, rollers, work stands, formwork, etc.) of leading and prestigious brands, which backs the ability to help our self-employed customers as well as companies and institutions.

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DAVELCO is a committed Company with the quality and efficiency on our services, as it figures in our current Quality Policy. This commitment is shown on the professional treat to our customers.

The ongoing pursuit of excellence on providing ancillary services to those who trust on DAVELCO has taken us to raise the standards of quality, that is why we are certified by the standard ISO 9001:2008 by Bureau Veritas.

One of our principal values is our human resources, despite being a Young workforce, it is large experienced and job steady, the average age of our team is 42 years, and an antiquity average over 11 years. That is why the permanent motivation of our staff and involvement as well as professional training and qualification are ways to bind the group together for the sake of a good service.

foto 5To DAVELCO, qualification is a practical and efficient tool to prevent accidents and damages to people or goods, it ensures a safe working and decreases the number of breakages and failures. Training contributes to improve prevention and professionalization, that is why a Training Plan is conformed once a year with the collaboration of the staff.

                          “Our capacity makes us a Company you can trust on”

We are an active and participatory Company and our permanent goal is business and trade improvement owing to that we are linked to the most representative business associations of the region. We participate on the plenary sessions of the Chamber of commerce of Gijón, Langreo and Carreño, as well as in the Executive Committee of CAC-ASPROCON (http://www.cac-asprocon.as/) and we are part of the CAC representation in FADE (https://web.fade.es/es/).